Calibrated Drug Delivery

Calibrated Drug Delivery (CDD) is the consolidation of separate components necessary for a medicinal injection that are individually calibrated for a specific medication. The interaction of these calibrated components significantly enhance the accuracy, safety, and convenience of preparation and administration of a medication; especially for potent medications and small mass patients.

The pre-determined calibrated components within the CDD kit eliminate the procedures required for the consolidation, correlation, and calculations to correctly prepare and administer an injection. The elimination of these “hands on” tasks circumvent the procedures responsible for the leading MAE’s from a medicinal injection. Statistics

The Safe-T-Dose® and Pedia-Dose® are calibrated as a standard or a (reduced volume), pediatric CDD injectable kit. The CDD kits eliminate all procedures for the consolidation and correlation of the medication and with the inclusion of a Safe-T-Syringe® eliminate the subsequent calculation conversion to unit dosage (mg, mcg, IU, mL) and individual patient weight (lb., kg, BSA). The Safe-T-Syringe® if required, may also comprise diluent indicia displaying the correct volume of diluent required for the reconstitution of the medication within the kit.

The Pedia-Dose® and Safe-T-Dose® in either a sterile or non-sterile kit would contain: a medication, calibrated Safe-T-Syringe®, diluent(s), calibrated diluent syringe (if required), package insert and correct needle for the particular route of administration.

The Calibrated Drug Delivery kits allow the ability to scale a medication to a specific patient characteristic range (weight, BMI, body surface area). The reduced dosage and fill volume allow for a more accurate and efficient use of the medication, while also decreasing the potential severity of an overdose.


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