Vi-Injection kit

Asepsis announces the patent pending, Vi-Injection kit. This combinatorial medicinal injection kit is designed for enhancing the safety and accuracy of a self-injection by a vision impaired (VI) patient. The kit is comprised of a Vi-Syringe™ and all other required components for the medicinal injection with an outer packaging in braille and enhanced visual markings. The components within the kit are also designed with braille or other tactile features as well as enhanced visual numeric indicia. The combined features assist and enhance the self-preparation and administration of the injection by VI patient.


Asepsis announces the patent pending Vi-Syringe™. The Vi-Syringe™ is the world’s first ergonomically designed hypodermic syringe that allows a visually impaired user to independently prepare and administer an injectable medication accurately, solely by the use of tactile indicators.