Asepsis Announces the Grant of U.S. Patent 10,857,299 for the Multi-Dose Safe-2-Dose® Syringe

Asepsis Medical Technologies® is proud to introduce the latest addition to the Calibrated Drug Delivery™ (CCD) platform, the Multi-Dose Safe-2-Dose® syringe.

The Multi-Dose Safe-2-Dose® syringe provides the ability to dose medication according to at least two patient characteristic-based dosing instructions.  Medication specific dosing indicia allows for loading, maximum or maintenance dosing according to patient characteristics such as weight or BSA.  Available oral and parenteral Multi-Dose Safe-2-Dose® syringe versions are designed to enhance patient outcome and medication efficacy by providing higher precision adherence to optimal clinical dosing.  In addition, the CDD platform enhances convenience and safety by providing health care professionals with intuitive indicia that simplifies medication preparation and administration procedures.

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