Asepsis announces the USPTO Notice of Allowance for its second Patent Application for the Safe-T-Fuse™ specialty drug infusion system.

Asepsis Medical Technologies announces the USPTO issuance of Patent Application Number 15/255,725 for its Safe-T-Fusedrug infusion system. The Safe-T-Fuse is an industry unique infusion container that allows the contents of a standard reconstitutable vial to be quickly introduced to its integrated reservoir without any additional components. By design, the device allows a user to precisely control the volume and duration of the medication’s reconstitution and the subsequent closed system metered transfer to its integrated infusion reservoir.

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  • The Safe-T-Fuse™ is a trademark of Asepsis Medical Technologies, LLC., and covered by two or more patents, including; U.S. Patent 9,433,726 and Patent Application Number 15/255,725, as well as Patents Pending.

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