Safe-2-Dose®Multi-Dose Syringe

The Safe-2-Dose® multi-dose syringe provides calibrated dosing indicia for two or more recommended dosing instructions. The visually ergonomic display enables a predetermined medication to be prepared and administered without the need for any calculation and correlation procedures.

More specifically, these unique calibrations allow the medication to be reconstituted with the exact volume of diluent (if required), through its diluent fill indicia, as well deliver two or more different doses according to one or more patient characteristic.

This unique calibration provides for individual loading, maintenance, minimum or maximum doses to be prepared and administered by the intuitive rotation of the syringe displaying pre-determined dosing indicia of; mcg, mg, IU and mL, that is further corelated to specific patient, lb., kg, bsa, m2, BMI or age.

Moreover, the calibrated incremental indicia may be further reduced to provide enhanced dosing accuracy for lower dose preparation and administration.