Vision Impaired Syringe
The Vi-Syringe is the world’s first syringe designed solely for a vision impaired (VI) patient. The Vi-Syringe allows a VI user to accurately and safely prepare and self-inject a medication solely by the use of audible and tactile indicators. The Vi-Syringe is also the only syringe for vision impaired patients with the ability to accurately prepare and dose without the need for add-on devices.

The unique features of the Vi-Syringe allow a user to adjust an outer dosage indicator to specific dosage measurements through tactile and audible features. The syringe offers a locking mechanism to allow a dosage to be locked in place for storage.

The Vi-Syringe is also designed with a needle guard coupler and guide that protects against needle sticks during the vial withdrawal and provides a method to position the needle for injection.

For diabetic patients, vision impairment typically occurs as a result of Diabetic Retinopathy (DR). DR is a progressive disease with patients gradually losing vision over a period of time, oftentimes resulting in total blindness. The Vi-Syringe is designed to offer individualized solutions for patients diagnosed with all stages of DR. The Vi-Syringe is comprised of enlarged raised numeric indicia for patients suffering from mild DR and offers braille and audible cues for those patients who are blind.


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