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Asepsis Medical Technologies

Asepsis is a medical device company developing innovative drug delivery technologies that enhance the safety, accuracy and efficacy of parenteral medication administration. Our product portfolio encompasses four proprietary technology platforms:

Calibrated Drug Delivery Kits

Dose by Weight

Parenteral Injection and Infusion Apparatus

Self-Injection Device Technologies

Company Overview

Asepsis is medical device company specializing in human factors engineering of parenteral apparatus which reduce or eliminate medical errors and adverse drug events.

Our core research examines sub-task and procedural medical errors during the preparation and administration of medicinal injections and infusions and the environmental and situational influences during those sequences. Asepsis’ device development integrates active and passive safety systems that eliminate or simplify crucial hands on procedures enabling a safer, faster, more precise preparation and ...Continue reading


Dose-2-Weight Syringe® Challenge

d2w_challenge_babyHow confident are you that you're providing a child the proper dose of medication?

Dose-2-Weight Syringe® Oral

The patented Dose-2-Weight Syringe® Oral is the next generation syringe for improving the safety and accuracy of children’s oral medications.


The Safe-T-Syringe® is the world's first "smart syringe". The unique multi-indicia display is calibrated for a specific medication, providing the most accurate patient specific dosing with unparalleled safety never before realized in a medical syringe.


The Safe-T-Dose® is a patented product that is designed to offer the same combinatorial and passive safety features of the Pedia-Dose® yet contains standard non reduced dosage medication.


Pedia-Dose® is specifically designed to offer reduced dosage and volume medications for neonates and pediatric patients. The design of Pedia-Dose® specifically for pediatrics is extremely valuable as it contains all components necessary to provide a precise and accurate injection while significantly mitigating the possibility of a MAE.

Diluent-2-Dose Syringe

The patent pending Diluent-2-Dose™ syringe enables a user to quickly-load the precise volume of diluent to reconstitute a specific medication, solely by its indicia.


The Safe-T-Fuse is an industry unique patented infusion container that allows the contents of a standard vial to be quickly introduced to an integrated reservoir without any additional components..


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