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Asepsis is a medical device company specializing in the delivery enhancement of oral and parenteral medicinal solutions. Our core competence focuses on personalized dosed products that increase patient outcome and medication efficacy, by providing higher precision adherence to the established optimal clinical dosing.

The Asepsis portfolio enhances convenience and safety by providing health care professionals with intuitive delivery apparatus that simplify administration by the elimination of crucial user sequences.  Our technology provides proprietary clinical and non-clinical enhancements that create innovative differentiated products, while in parallel continuing to conform to a medication’s original safety and efficacy profile.

Highest Standard of Care

Asepsis is dedicated to improving critical caregiver procedures and enhancing patient outcomes, through providing proprietary platforms that enable medications to be intuitively prepared and administered at the highest possible precision.

We are committed to transforming pediatric and personized dosed medicine to a higher standard of care by providing products that deliver medications precisely to their optimal therapeutic dose. Our portfolio can enhance patient outcomes across a broad range of medications in commercial use, and in most cases without any clinical trials or prior authorization required. Additionally, this personalized optimal dosing platform used within early drug trials, may also improve efficacy and/or reduce toxicity to individualized patients, thus potentially increasing the overall success of the drug candidate.


Injection Kits and Syringes

Consolidated calibrated components enabling a precision calculation free reconstitution, preparation, and administration, while eliminating over 45% of the critical caregiver procedures required to achieve the same industry standard injection.

OTC and Rx Oral Elixir Dispensers

Calibrated children’s elixir dispensers enabling precision preparation and dosing of an exact strength of the medication to a child’s individualized patient characteristic, such as weight, BSA, BMI or other characteristic; solely without any calculation or correlation for those procedures to any packaging media.

Emergency Self Injection Devices

Momenta-Dose™ is a user-loaded or pre-loaded injection device offering personalized single use subcutaneous and intramuscular injections. The device is adapted to a user’s predetermined dose as well the specific injection depth, therefore providing for a highly accurate and personalized self-actuated emergency injection.

Infusion Apparatus

The Safe-T-Fuse™ is an industry unique preloaded or user loaded infusion container that allows the contents of a standard or proprietary vial to be quickly reconstituted and introduced into its integrated reservoir solely by the user and without any additional components.

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