Ready to Fill Diluent Syringes – RTF

The patented ready to fill Diluent-2-DoseTM syringe enables a user to quickly-load the precise volume of diluent required to reconstitute a specific medication within a predetermined vial, solely by its indicia fill line. The unique indicia offer enhanced accuracy for the reconstitution, while in parallel providing multiple visual reconfirmation cues during the preparation.


Pre-Filled Diluent Syringes – PFS

The pre-filled Diluent-2-DoseTM syringe provides the exact volume of diluent required for the proper reconstitution of a specific medication within a predetermined vial. The multiple indicia indicating the name of medication, diluent, proper concentration, dosage and diluent correlation; provide for a quick, accurate and simplistic preparation as well as enhanced reverification through-out the reconstitution process.


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