Pre-Filled Syringe

The Momenta-Dose™ is a user loaded injection device that offers personalized single dose low volume subcutaneous and intramuscular injections. The device is adapted to accept standard disposable syringes to a user’s predetermined dosage and injection depth, thus providing for an economical personalized injection.

The simplistic two step operation of removing the protective cap and applying a downward force to the injection site, creates a rapid simplistic injection. The intuitive operation features are especially valuable during emergencies or adverse environmental conditions.

The activation of the device virtually eliminates all user error from hesitation, attempting to abort or the device not discharging the complete contents into the injection site or at the correct depth. Through-out the injection procedure, the needle guard completely conceals the needle providing sharps safety and reducing needle phobia.

The Momenta-Dose™ is an ideal apparatus for life-threatening emergency conditions where a personalized, rapid, accurate injection is crucial.

By design the device is capable to be re-loaded with new pre-filled syringes, provided the device has not been activated. This feature enables a user to replace the prefilled syringe according to the manufacturer’s recommended shelf-life of the medication.

The Momenta-Dose™ is an economical alternative for patients desiring multiple devices for strategic emergency storage; yet prefer not to dispose of the device due to the expiration of the medication.

Not available in all territories

The Momenta Dose™ is a registered trademark of Asepsis Medical Technologies, LLC., and covered by one or more patents, including;

 US Patent 10,625,026US Patent 11,484,660 and Patents Pending.



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