The Momenta-Dose™ is a injection device designed to administer small volume subcutaneous or intramuscular injections; solely by a user’s applied force and subsequent momentum created.

A user positions the device against the site of injection and applies a downward force until they exceed the calibrated amount of resistance required to initiate the injection. The activated momentum triggers two subsequent tasks; needle penetration to a pre-determined depth and the release of the device’s contents.

The complete procedure occurs within seconds from a user’s single motion and eliminates the need for complex instructions and multiple steps. The device simply and effectively delivers its contents intramuscularly or subcutaneously without the needle ever visible to the user.

The Momenta-Dose™ is industry unique as it does not use any commercial auto-injector technology such as gases, springs or any other stored kinetic energy. The design obviates the need for intricate mechanisms,

allowing the device to be produced extremely inexpensively compared to currently marketed auto-injectors. The overall cost advantages make the device more financially feasible to first time patients and patients wanting to obtain multiple devices for strategic emergency storage.

The Momenta-Dose™ is available in two variations:

  • Self contained and pre-loaded
  • Compatible with conventional pre-filled syringes

Momenta-Dose™ Pre-Filled Syringe

The Momenta-Dose™ is an ideal apparatus for life-threatening emergency conditions where a rapid, intuitive, accurate injection is crucial. The activation of the device virtually eliminates all user error from hesitation, attempting to abort, or the device not discharging the complete contents into the injection site or at the correct depth.

Not available in all territories.

The Momenta Dose™  is a registered trademark of Asepsis Medical Technologies, LLC., and covered by one or more patents, including;

 US Patent 10,625,026US Patent 11,484,660 and Patents Pending.


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