Patent Grant Safe T Fuse

The Safe-T-Fuse™ home infusion system is a calibrated, tamper proof system that simplifies the preparation and administration of home medication infusion. The infusion canister is designed to accept industry standard vials that are inserted within a holding mechanism within the devices’ sleeve cap. Once the sleeve cap is engaged to the body of the Safe-T-Fuse™ the sleeve cap and vial cannot be removed or accessed in anyway.

A tamper resistant clip prevents the sleeve cap containing the vial from being further depressed and engaged. Once removed the sleeve cap may be fully depressed allowing for the vial to be pierced and the subsequent bi-directional flow between the solutions contained within the reservoir of the Safe-T-Fuse™ and the medication within the vial.

The established bi-directional flow allows for a pre-determined amount of solution to reconstitute the vial of medication, or allows for a vial containing a medicated solution to be transfer directly or pre-metered dosed into the Safe-T-Fuse™ infusion reservoir.

The user’s actions are controlled by active safety features that virtually prevent the incorrect preparation procedures, thus further preventing MAE’s and ADE’s. After depressing and engaging the sleeve cap the user simply would have to pull back and forth the plunger to a pre-set stop and turn a dial.


Not available in all territories.

The Safe-T-Fuse™ is a trademark of Asepsis Medical Technologies, LLC., and covered by two or more patents, including; U.S. Patent 9,433,726 and U.S Patent 11,058,606 as well as Patents Pending.


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