Patent Grant Safe T Fuse

The Safe-T-Fuse™ is an industry unique patented infusion container that allows the contents of a standard vial to be quickly introduced to an integrated reservoir without any additional components.

By design, the device allows a user to precisely control the volume and duration of the reconstitution and subsequent closed system transfer of the medication to its reservoir.

The Safe-T-Fuse’s™ ability to introduce multiple metered doses prior to or during a patient’s infusion enhances safety and efficacy through ultra-precise calibrated dosing.

The Safe-T-Fuse™ has an advanced containment sleeve cap which encapsulates the vial transfer compartment to prevent aerosolization of a medication during the transfer from the vial to the reservoir.

The pre-loaded Safe-T-Fuse™ provides a tamper resistant feature that secures the vial within the sleeve cap preventing it from being accessed or removed. To engage the vial, a security clip is removed and the sleeve cap is depressed to allow a bi-directional transfer of medication and diluent.

The Safe-T-Fuse™ may be designed for a administering a fixed dose or adjustable dose infusion. The combined passive safety features of the The Safe-T-Fuse™ prevent sharp injuries, incorrect diluent reconstitution and reduces dosage calculation error.

Not available in all territories.

Safe-T-Fuse™ is a trademark of Asepsis Medical Technologies, LLC., and covered by two or more patents, including; U.S. Patent 9,433,726 and U.S Patent 11,058,606, as well as Patents Pending.


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