Asepsis Announces the Grant of Canadian Patent No. 3,006,218 for the multi-dose oral Dose-2-Weight Syringe®

Asepsis Medical Technologies® is proud to announce their latest Canadian Patent Grant 3,006,218 of August 24, 2021 – for the multi-dose oral Dose-2-Weight Syringe®.

The Dose-2-Weight Syringe® is the only oral dispensing device that enables a liquid medication to be administered through multiple dosing modes, including the most common prescribed methods, weight, and age.  These features provide for a caregiver to prepare and administer a medication according to one or more directions to a precise personalized dose – solely without calculations or correlations to the medication’s packaging.


The proprietary features of the Dose-2-Weight Syringe® uniquely calibrates its indicia to display the recommended dose in patient characteristic indicia, as well offers a correlation to the manufacturer’s recommended dosing unit of measurement. The pre-calibrated procedural indicia not only eliminate the sequences that are responsible for the leading MAE’s while administering an oral medication via syringe – but also enhances safety by offering multiple re-verification cues of the individualized patient and the amount of the medication during all sequences.

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