Asepsis announces the USPTO Notice of Allowance for its second Patent Application for the Safe-T-Fuse™ specialty drug infusion system.

Asepsis Medical Technologies announces the USPTO issuance of Patent Application Number 15/255,725 for its Safe-T-Fuse™ druginfusion system. The Safe-T-Fuse™ is an industry unique infusion container that allows the contents of a standard reconstitutable vial to be quickly introduced to its integrated reservoir without any additional components. By design, the device allows a user to precisely control the volume and duration of the medication’s reconstitution and the subsequent closed system metered transfer to its integrated infusion reservoir. Continue reading Safe-T-Fuse


  • The Safe-T-Fuse™ is a trademark of Asepsis Medical Technologies, LLC., and covered by two or more patents, including; U.S. Patent 9,433,726 and Patent Application Number 15/255,725, as well as Patents Pending.

Asepsis announces Australian Patent Grant Number 2013222819 for its Dose-2-Weight Syringe® and Calibrated Drug Delivery™ Injection Kits.

Asepsis Medical Technologies announces the Australian Patent Grant 2013222819 for its Dose-2-Weight Syringe® and Safe-T-Dose® combinatorial drug injection kit. The Asepsis’ Calibrated Drug Delivery™(CDD) platform is designed to enhance dosing accuracy and eliminate crucial procedural tasks that are the leading cause of MAE’s during the preparation and administration of an injection. The CDD kits consolidate the correct components for a particular injection and are individually calibrated for the medication dosage strength, route of administration and patient characteristic. The calibrated components within the kit eliminate the need for consolidation, correlation and calculation procedures to correctly prepare and administer an injection. The overall features enhance the safety, accuracy and overall cost efficiency versus industry practice.