The Safe-T-Dose® is designed to offer the same combinatorial and passive safety features of the Pedia-Dose® yet contains standard non reduced dosage medication.

The Safe-T-Dose® may also be deigned to contain either a standard Safety-T-Syringe® dosage to weight indicia, or a patient specific indicia comprised of a targeted patient group, weight range, BSA or other feature.

Similar to the Pedia-Dose®, the Safe-T-Dose® eliminates critical procedural steps and methods that are the leading causes of medication errors. Both products replace these procedures with passive safety systems that complete the preparation and administration of the medication in the same fashion without any modification.

The Safe-T-Dose® would contain a particular medication and the correlating safety syringe, a Package Insert for the medication; diluent(s) with the correlating calibrated diluent syringe for the reconstitution of the medication.

The features of the Safe-T-Dose® and Pedia-Dose® completely remove multiple hands on requirements for the consolidation of the correct diluent(s) for the medication and route of administration, the calculation and correlation of the accurate amount of diluent for the medication, the correct needle for the route of administration and the calculation of the medication’s dosage to weight, BSA or other feature.


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The Safe-T-Dose® and Pedia-Dose® are registered trademarks of Asepsis Medical Technologies, LLC., and covered by one or more patents, including; U.S. Patent 9,192,723, U.S. Patent 9,302,050U.S Patent 9,750,883U.S. Patent 10,857,299 and International Patents; AU2013222819, AU2016269509, AU2018232988, CA2862633, CA3006218, MX351645, MX384,129, JP2015-508321 and Patents Pending.


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