The patented Safe-T-Syringe® is the next generation “smart syringe” for parenteral medication.

Each Safe-T-Syringe® is uniquely calibrated to the dosage strength of a specific medication and marked with multiple correlated measurements. These measurements may include, among others, weight, BSA or other patient characteristic as well, medication dosage or volume of the medication.

The enhanced multi-indicia display increases the overall safety and accuracy of administration, by providing the ability to intuitively correlate and re-verify the medication’s unit dosage to an exact patient characteristic without any calculations or correlations. The elimination of these procedures circumvent the tasks responsible for leading causes of MAE’s during a medicinal injection.

The medication specific indicia of the Safe-T-Syringe® allows for enhanced display of small volume injections, which is extended over the length of the syringe. This elongation of the contents within the barrel allows for lower dose incremental indicia for ultra-precise preparation and dosing. This design feature is particularly important for small volume injections for pediatric as well as high potency and biologic drugs requiring precision dosing for optimum efficacy.

The Safe-T-Syringe® may additionally comprise a diluent fill-line indicating the correct volume of diluent required for the reconstitution of the medication. The diluent indicia provides for a rapid, calculation and correlation free reconstitution for the specific medication contained within the predetermined vial.