The Safe-T-Syringe® is designed to deliver the highest standard of patient care via parenteral syringe.  Its medication calibrated indicia provide enhanced accuracy, convenience and safety through-out preparation and administration.

The multiple indicia correlate one or more recommended doses to individual patient characteristic(s), such a weight or BSA, without any user calculation or correlation to the medication’s instructions. The elimination of these procedures circumvents the sequences responsible for the leading causes of MAE’s during a medicinal injection.

The Safe-T-Syringe® may also provide visually enhanced lower incremental indicia, for ultra-precise preparation and dosing. This design feature is particularly important for small volume and high potency injections.

Additionally, the Safe-T-Syringe® may be marked with a diluent measurement, providing indicia for the exact volume of diluent recommended for the specific medication reconstitution.